World and Main brings together a unique combination of product development, merchandising, and distribution solutions to serve small- to medium-sized retailers and distributors.

Wholesale Distribution

Through our wholesale distribution group, World and Main serves the needs of hardware and plumbing wholesalers, MRO/ commercial and industrial, builders, and food and drug with partnered sourcing and a flexible, national distribution model.

Retail Product

World and Main manufactures and distributes owned brand products from over 15 nationally recognized brands in over 25 core categories including home environment, security and builder's hardware, plumbing products and paint applicators.

Retail Distribution

Through our retail distribution group, World and Main serves the needs of local, regional and national retailers. For local and regional retailers, we provide broad basket product assortments and blended planograms, and providing the buying scale to stock national brands without concern for order requirements. For retailers of all size, we have the necessary technology integrations including EDI.