World and Main carries a full assortment of high quality appliance hook ups, for everything you need in home appliances, kitchen, bath and laundry. Find the right parts for an initial installation, replacement or upgrade. Our AquaPlumb® and Bright-Way brands offer appliance hook ups, ideal for the installation professional or the do-it-yourselfer and is priced to be a great value too.


Whether for a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, sink, or toilet, AquaPlumb® has the right parts to get appliances hooked up and running right. Our assortment of water filters, hoses, water lines, duct work, connectors, conversion kits, and filters provides essential components to build out your appliance hook-up retail category. For electrical appliance hookups, Bright-Way® offers range cords with "pig tails" that attach directly into any appliance.


AquaPlumb® is the exclusive provider of the only semi-rigid dryer vent hook up product that saves valuable space with the Quadriplex™ technology and most importantly passes the strict UL Class 0 fire rating. This patented product does not contain any polyester or laminate in order to achieve this exclusive rating. Plus the fully flexible Rigiflex™ hose can make tighter turns than standard hoses without tearing and splitting. With a complete line of dryer venting products, AquaPlumb® is fast becoming the recognized leader in this category. And to round out the laundry room appliance hookups, Bright-Way® offers dryer cords with "pig tails" that attach directly into any appliance.