World and Main carries a full assortment of cold and warm weather seasonal products. From snow and ice removal during North America's long winter months, to gardening and irrigation in the spring and summer, to leaf removal in the fall we carry the seasonal essentials you need.


HB Smith® and AquaPlumb® carry a full line of garden and watering tools, ideal for cultivating the perfect outdoor retreat. Included in HB Smith and AquaPlumb's comprehensive product line are shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, trowels, transplants, hoses, sprinklers, power washers and spreaders.


HB Smith® and My Helper® carry a full line of snow shovels, ice scrapers, spreaders, gloves, cold weather face masks and accessories to meet homeowner and industrial needs alike during North America's long winters. From our 100lbs. Capacity Broadcast Spreader to our ergonomic, 3-in-1, telescopic snow brush/ice scraper/squeegee combo, HB Smith and My Helper provide an unsurpassed line of winter seasonal products.